October, 2015.

Born in ‘72 in the small town of Monroe, Michigan
to an art teacher and an auto-worker.

Learned to love everything art from a mother who spent her life teaching it.
And became a problem solver from watching a father become a craftsman of everything wood.

Lived in the North (Michigan), the South (Georgia), the East (New York), and currently the West (Oregon).

Loved the 7 years I spent as a professional student
from MC3 to EMU and Savannah College of Art and Design.

Earned a lot of A’s – an AS, a BFA and an MFA.

Studied graphic design and photography, loving the hours spent in the darkroom.

Got my first tattoo in ‘90, my second in ‘04, my third in…
Sang my heart out at Woodstock ‘99 and kept my bra on.

Married in ‘06, traveled across the big pond twice
from Italy to Switzerland, England and France, to Germany and Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Lucky to be doing what I love.
Creating, painting, and photographing my world.

Mother to two adorable felines.

Fell in love with a town called Moab while hiking the Mighty 5.

A Jill of all trades, a master of none but loving every step of the way.

Got my first Pentax K1000 in ‘92,
And that’s where it all began!